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why finding a cure for cancer is so important.

There are many forms of cancer in today's world. Cancer is the cause of death of one in every four Americans. In the past year alone, about 1,596,670 cancer cases were expected to be diagnosed. (This estimate for the year does not include types of skin cancer, non invasive cancers such as carcinoma, or cancers in the urinary bladder.) The death expectancy was estimated to have ended the lives of 571,950 Americans. In the past year one third of the expected deaths were due to poor nutrition, physical inactivity, and obesity. In addition, an estimated amount of 171,600 cancer deaths are from the effects of tobacco use.

Most skin cancers are caused by excess exposure of sunrays and indoor tanning. Any form of cancer is a devastating experience for someone that has become a victim of this terrible disease. We all need to work together do everything we can to help find a cure for cancer so that we can put an end to the suffering and the loss of our loved ones. With new technology and strong minds of today we hope to add many vaccines and antibiotics to the list of preventions in the attempt to fight cancer.

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